Upcoming Dates
  • 01/07/23 10:00 - 27/08/23 20:00 Ended
Key Info
  • 3 Y - 99 Y
  • Family
  • Outdoors
  • Ended
  • Paid Private
  • < 100 m
  • No
  • € 9,00
  • Cash, Debit Card
Price List
  • Drinks Bar
  • Near by on Private Place
  • Special Child Friendly: Unkown
  • Stroller: Easy
  • Stairs: None
  • Elevator: Not Required
  • Right outside of the Rogier metro station, with Elevator Access.

    It is fully accessible with stroller, but there is nobody to watch i  while you are in in the circuit.


Bouncy Games

Experience an incredible moment of fun!
Forget the inflatable castles you knew and bounce on one of the largest inflated structures in Europe. Bouncy Games is back in Brussels and promises moments of intense joy for young and old. Jumps, slides and laughter are guaranteed in a totally surprising setting. An activity not to be missed for all ages!


  • 2,000 + sqm of course
  • 10 + inflated challenges


On Rogier Square, in the heart of Brussels. All summer long.
After a 2022 edition that gathered thousands of visitors and created millions of smiles, Bouncy Games are back to shake up Brussels during the summer holidays!



Disclaimer: Price per Age Range was different on the website and at the door in the date of our visit.


  • 50.85585
  • 4.35851
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