Unwrapping Joy: 8 Festive Activities for Families During the Christmas Season

The magic of Christmas isn’t just about the twinkling lights and beautifully adorned trees; it’s about creating cherished memories with your loved ones. As the holiday season approaches, families seek delightful ways to bond and revel in the festive spirit. If you’re on the lookout for heartwarming activities to share with your kids, you’re in for a treat. In this guide, we unwrap a festive collection of 10 joyous activities designed to make your Christmas season truly memorable for the whole family.

Plaisir D'Hiver - Brussels

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Plaisirs d’Hiver, the enchanting winter festival in Brussels offers a myriad of festive activities. There are activities specially crafted for Kids on Wednesdays and Sunday at the “Tour Noir”, Place St Catherine, including  tales, street arts, and magicians. Plus, everyday you find the iconic Christmas tree on the Grand-Place, a sound and light show, an ice rink, and curling at Place De Brouckère. Other attractions include the Lotto Big Wheel, the interactive installation “Éloge de l’Air” at Mont des Arts, whimsical carousels at Place Sainte-Catherine, and virtual reality adventures at Dream Space. Not to be missed is the exclusive European appearance of the 45-meter Ice Monster dinosaur. Various pricing options are available for different activities, providing festive entertainment for all ages.

Winter Glow in Bruges offers a magical winter experience with a new Light experience trail, transforming the city into a dazzling spectacle. Families can enjoy enchanting ice skating on the Minnewater, surrounded by unique decor. Two Christmas markets in the city center provide a convivial setting for festive shopping. The Winterbar Vorst offers stylish fun beneath a starry night sky, with a picturesque view of the artificial skating rink. Bruges is adorned with atmospheric Christmas decorations, creating a holiday spirit. With 24 days of car-free shopping and free public transport, Winter Glow invites families to stay overnight and embrace the beauty of wintry Bruges in a joyful and captivating winter adventure.

Hosted by the historic Castle of Groot-Bijgaarden, WonderLights features custom lantern designs by the world-renowned Zigong Lantern Group, promising an enchanting experience for all ages.
This magical spectacle combines light and nature with hundreds of stunning lanterns, bringing the Garden of Eden to life and celebrating global wildlife. Especially for kids, a captivating winter garden awaits with fairies, unicorns, and a Christmas Express train. It is a 1.7-kilometer-long light trail (not very suitable for wheelchairs and strollers).
Besides the visual feast, one can enjoy the WonderLight Café for crispy fries, hot chocolate, and mulled wine.  

An enchanting light festival at Meise Botanic Garden, illuminating the coldest nights. This magical 3.5 km stroll unveils 20 unique light installations inspired by the botanical world, accompanied by a captivating soundtrack composed by Piet Goddaer. Perfect for families, the illuminated tour showcases the Island Garden and fairytale bamboo forest, transforming the Plant Palace into a nocturnal wonder. Children can revel in the winter village’s warmth, offering delightful food and drinks. It is accessible for wheelchair and pram. Visitor can select a convenient time slot between 6 pm and 9:30 pm, with the garden remaining open until 11 pm for a festive and inclusive experience.

Maison de la Poste in Brussels undergoes a magical transformation, adorned with twinkling lights and festive Christmas trees for the second edition of Kids Winter Wonderland. Catering to children, the enchanting festival features 800 m² of bouncy castles, face painting, a skating rink, a cinema, Tik Tok fun, XL Lego blocks, fairytale hairstyles, puppet theatre, airbrush tattoos, and an opportunity to meet and greet with Santa. Amidst the holiday spirit, families can enjoy food trucks, an arcade hall, a circus school, BIC® Craftroom, Christmas workshops, the Clown Rocky Show, a Nintendo® room, and delightful encounters with Christmas elves and a different Mascot each day (Bumba, Maya, Angry Birds, Smurfette and more)

Impressive acts and demonstrations, dancing fire and light installations, theater, music and acrobatics… Experience enchanting winter evenings at the Bokrijk Open Air Museum’s Winter Light event! Immerse yourself in the magical world of “The Machinery Papageno” in the Haspengouw museum section, featuring a fire village inspired by The Magic Flute opera. In the Kempen museum section, encounter the impressive Contios, the giant of Kontich, surrounded by illuminated DIY drums presented by DROM. The museum part of East and West Flanders hosts a Nostalgic Party Village with vintage fair attractions. 
The event starts at 16:30, but families can easily combine it with a visit to the domain during the day that features one of the biggest playgrounds in Brussels and the famous “Cycle through water route”.

A 40 minutes show with artists & horses designed for children (and adults who refuse to grow up).
It is possible to explore the stables and meet the horses and artists before and after the show. Enjoy warm and cold refreshments like soups and crepes. The event is held in a covered venue, sheltered from the wind.

In Belgium, the enchanting tradition of Christmas Tractor Parades captivates communities, with Kampenhout hosting a particularly splendid spectacle. Bedecked in festive lights and adorned with seasonal decorations, tractors from local farms parade through the heart of the town, spreading joy and holiday cheer. Families gather along the route, marveling at the illuminated convoy, creating a magical atmosphere that embodies the spirit of Christmas. Kampenhout’s Tractor Parade uniquely blends rural charm with yuletide festivity, making it a cherished annual event that unites the community in celebration.

All images are from the official websites of the attractions.

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