Key Info
  • 3 Y - 12 Y
  • Kids Accompanied
  • Outdoors
  • Free Private
  • < 500 m
  • € 0,00
  • Fence: No
  • Ground: Gravel
  • Placement: In a park
  • Food: Snack Bar, Drinks Bar
  • Toilet: Yes
  • Near by: Sports Area, Green Spaces, Animals, Lake
  • Stroller: Medium
  • Stairs: Easy
  • Elevator: Not Required
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    This unique playground is a jungle gym in the shape of a pirate boat with many activities for the kids, including suspension bridges, slides, climbing wall and more!.

    In the playground, there is a picnic table and benches to sit and watch the kids. The floor is made of little rocks and the playground is not fenced.



    This is one of the 3 playgrounds located inside the Rouge Cloître park. The park has stunning views and is full of activities for the family, like a sport area, walking paths, ponds, animals, slack line park and more!


    This playground is right after the first ponds, if you enter via Rue du Rouge Cloitre.  Take the little path between the ponds and you reach it. It is around a 10 minute walk from the Chausse de Tervuren Entrance.


    There are toilets at the park, but it is a short walk from the playground.


    There is a taverne in the park, but is a short walk from the playground. Exiting the park, via the botanical garden, there are also a couple restaurants on Rue des Deux Chaussées.


    The terrain around the park can be a bit difficult for city strollers, but it is doable.


    ** Please report to us in case you have addition info or corrections and updates. Thanks, badaboo Team.

  • City: Auderghem
  • Province: Brussels
  • Country: Belgium
  • Latitude: 50.81332
  • Longitude: 4.44022
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  • Brussels Environment
  • Last Modified: 13/05/24
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