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  • 2 Y - 12 Y
  • Kids Accompanied
  • Outdoors
  • Paid Street
  • < 500 m
  • € 0,00
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  • 09/12/23 05:12 local time

  • Fence: No
  • Wood Chips
  • in a square
  • None
  • No
  • Near by: Sports Area, Dogs Area, Water Fountain
  • Stroller: Easy
  • Stairs: None

New playground opened in June/2022

Besides the playground, there is also a multisports ground, a pétanque track, a canisite, a water fountain, as well as a two-way cycle path.

During the inauguration, the benches had still to be installed; they will be soon. On the plantation side, the square has a total of 2,300 m² of draining green spaces, i.e. 1,000 m² more than before. This includes relaxation lawns, planting beds, green paths, not to mention 30 tall and half-stem trees. At this stage, this greater influence of vegetation on the square does not yet appear to the naked eye. You will have to wait for all this to grow a little to really realize it. The trees, for example, should gain in volume within two or three years (around 2024).

It should also be noted that the new Place du Rinsdelle is equipped with new lighting and a surveillance camera. Crossroads and pedestrian crossings have also been made safe. 57 parking spaces (including two shared cars and two PMR spaces) have been maintained in the square, compared to 65 previously.

  • Belgium
  • Brussels
  • Etterbeek
  • 50.83370
  • 4.39538
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  • Last Modified: 06/10/22
  • Patricia
    04/10/22 at 15:42

    Nice but not exceptional
    * Play areas suitable for a little ages.
    * Parking near.

    * there are only two benches to sit on
    * There are no trees for shade in summer
    * the sand is dirty with dog poop

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