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  • Snack Bar, Drinks Bar
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Maisterplan Labyrinth

Discover our corn maze with the whole family! The little ones find their way in the children's maze, where you can walk around for an average of 30 minutes.

The slightly advanced seekers can test their sense of orientation in our Maïster maze. It consists of two parts and when the corn is at its highest you can quickly get lost in it for 1 to 2 hours.

Here are the activities and experiences you can enjoy at the Maisterplan Maze:

1. **Maze :Exploration** The central feature of the Maisterplan Maze is, of course, the intricate maze itself. Spend your time navigating its twists and turns, trying to find your way to the center or out to the exit. It's a fun and challenging activity for all ages.

2. **Puzzle Solving:** As you make your way through the maze, engage in a thrilling puzzle-solving experience. Discover clues and hints that can help you find your way or even uncover hidden surprises within the maze.

3. **Team Building:** The Maisterplan Maze is an excellent venue for team-building exercises and group activities. Work together with friends, family, or colleagues to conquer the maze's challenges and strengthen your teamwork skills.

4. **Educational Visits:** The maze often offers educational programs for schools and groups, teaching visitors about the history of mazes, their symbolism, and their place in culture.

5. **Photography:** Capture the beauty of the maze's design and the enjoyment of your fellow maze-goers. The intricate patterns and greenery make for great photo opportunities.

6. **Picnicking:** Many maze locations provide picnic areas, so you can enjoy a meal or snack in the scenic surroundings before or after your maze adventure.

7. **Relaxation:** After conquering the maze or even if you prefer not to enter, you can relax in the maze's vicinity, taking in the serene atmosphere and the lush greenery.

8. **Special Events:** Keep an eye on the maze's event calendar, as they may host special events, such as night-time mazes with torches or seasonal celebrations.

The Maisterplan Maze in Damme, Belgium, offers a fascinating and entertaining experience for visitors, combining the joy of exploration with puzzle-solving in a beautiful outdoor setting.




    • Up to 3 years: 5,00€
    • 4 years to 12 years: 7,00
    • >12 years: 10,00




  • Online reservation is required
  •  you can exchange your day ticket after your visit for a summer ticket, which allows you to visit the maze again for the rest of the summer. Without paying extra! This way you can also easily visit our bar another time.
  • Belgium
  • West Flanders
  • Damme
  • 51.25025
  • 3.29185
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